Mr Mahesh Kargar took the opportunity to visit the GRINDTEC 2016 exhibition in Augsburg and the LASYS 2016 in Stuttgart during May and June. We asked him about his impressions
  • Why did you visit the GRINDTEC show?

    We wish to look in to market of CVD/PCD/CBDn tools and inserts and were looking for additional equipment for vacuum brazing and other operations to provide services in India.

  • Did the exhibition meet your expectations?

    We were very satisfied as we were able to learn about the latest technologies in manufacturing of CVD/PCD/CBDn tools and inserts as well as necessary pre and post services for all kind of tool manufactures.

  • Will you go to GRINDTEC again?

    Certainly. I was very impressed that a small town like Augsburg with a population of just 250,000 is in a position to organise such a professional show.

  • What were your impressions about LASYS?

    I liked the LAYSY show for two reasons. For one thing, it was a small show, occupying only one hall in Stuttgart’s massive exhibition centre. For another, with its focus on laser systems, many visitors to the SYNOVA booth were high potential customers.

  • How do you relate these shows to the forthcoming IMTEX show?

    The German shows have given us ideas for organising our booth at IMTEX. Our Milan Dhameliya was present during the LASYS show and he will be applying the concepts used at the SYNOVA booth

  • How are you planning to optimize the SYNOVA presence at IMTEX?

    We will be working closely with our partners, Francis Klein, Parth Enterprises and Proteck Machinery, so that each of us caters to a particular segment in the industrial applications sector. Through such a coordinated approach, we hope to reach the widest spectrum of customers since this is one opportunity to meet potential users from all over India.