Mr Milan Dhameliya got training for writing programs for cutting parts (3D and 2D) on the Most Advanced Synova make LCS Series 5 Axis Laser Water Micro Jet Cutting System. We asked him how he planned to serve industrial customers in India.
  • Let’s start by asking you how you found your training?

    I was very fortunate to be alone with Mr Massimo Mutti, whom I found to be an excellent teacher who started off with the basics in dimensional geometry.

  • How does this software work?

    As a first step, we have to start by importing a CAD file. In one case, I did not have a CAD file and simply converted a drawing on a PDF file into SYNOVACUT using standard geometrical elements. SYNOVACUT is backed with a very powerful CAD system to create engineering drawings directly in the SYNOVACUT environment and can be exported to various CAD formats.

  • What do you do once you have imported a CAD file into the system?

    The CAD drawings can be either two-dimensional or three-dimensional. The great advantage of this software is that I can plan the cutting path either closed-loop or open-loop, on this imported graphical presentation. I can generate a machine program for this cutting path in SYNOVACUT software – which will then be imported into the machine software of LCS 50-5 for production.

  • What are your present assignments?

    For the time being, I am mainly busy on 2D applications such as cutting various types of profiles on CVD, PCD and other hard materials.

  • Do you have any challenging 2D applications?

    We have simulated cutting a watch gear since the SYNOVACUT software has a routine for cutting gears.

  • How about writing programs for 5-axis machining?

    This will be my next challenge since industrial tool inserts have many angle cuts that can only be done through 5-axis LMJ machining. I am looking forward to writing such programs. SYNOVACUT it is absolutely awesome and we have to learn to use it to its full potential to serve customers in Indian industry to support quality manufacturing process in various industrial sectors.