We have started our business with laser processing and cutting of natural rough diamond & now expanded much with the use of more than 27 years of experience to provide laser processing solutions for ultra hard material cutting for industrial application as well as for medical & scientific applications as a common approach.
Sai Impex promoted to introduce product line which demonstrates significant excellence over existing laser technologies in Nd: Yag, Diode pump, Fiber, CO2 and various different lasers with the application like Laser Cutting, Micromachining, Laser marking and Diamond processing system with CNC 3 Axis to 5 Axis and more for 3D Laser processing works.
Saiimpex also works as the distributor of Advance Laser Technology Solution provider from Global, Saiimpex explore Indian Market with providing demo facility & further customization till customer get satisfaction with quality and production before purchasing Laser system from our principle.
Saiimpex provides installations after sales service, wear & consumable parts to minimize breakdown time. We have Class100 Clean Room Facility for maintenance and service of a laser source, lenses and optical parts for qualitative works and long life of Laser.


We provide Laser Machine for Micromachining, Cutting, Drilling, Engraving, Marking and Scribing, etc.. applications for processing various industrial, semiconductor and Ultra Hard material according to customer demand and budget from lower to high end.


  • Fiber & DPSS pulsed Laser Source
  • Laser Components & Laser Consumables
  • Electronics Components
  • Electronics Equipmenats
  • Gain Modules


  • An Advanced technology Laser system for cutting Ultra Hard Material – 3/4/5 Axis systems for Diamond & Industrial applications
  • Laser systems worldwide for processing material
  • Diode Driver
  • Flash Pumps
  • Laser Goggles


  • Laser Machine Installations
  • After Sales Services
  • Annual Maintenance Contract for Laser source & laser Systems
  • Electronics Equipmenats
  • We have class 100 Clean room for Laser source/Optical assembly services


  • We undertake complete turnkey projects laser system for various applications as per the requirement of customers
  • Provide Solution from Budgeting to High End as per customer demands
  • Upgrading an old laser system with high quality Diode Pump Q-Switch system as well as upgrade in Application too
  • Evaluate your current laser performance and guide you for optimizing


  • The 3D Tool Cutting with 5 Axis Laser water micro-jet Synova LCS System
  • Natural and Synthetic Diamond Cutting by Dry/Wet laser
  • CVD Cutting, Slices & Profile Cutting
  • Micro Marking Girdle Inscriptions
  • Natural and Synthetic Rough Diamond testing Facility


  • Low Cost Products and Solutions for lower accuracy cutting jobs
  • Micro Marking Girdle Inscription Machine
  • Industrial tool cutting and shape cutting machine
  • Natural and Synthetic Rough Diamond testing machine


We provide Laser Machine for Micromachining & Cutting (Gem & Ultra hard material) application.
Rough Diamond(Natural & CVD) Laser Cutting
Laser Water MicroJet™ Cutting System
Laser Marking


Synova S.A. , Switzerland

D.Green (Electronics) Limited, UK

Oxford Lasers, UK


First Light Lamp Ltd. , UK

NoIR Laser Shields, USA




Sawing with IR Laser and GREEN Laser
Diamond Bruting (4 in 1 Process : TABLE-CROWN-GIRDLE-PAVILLION)
Customized Solutions
Ultra Hard Material
  • CVD, PCD, CBDN, Carbide and Nano Carbide
  • Saiimpex offers a wide range of micro cutting applications and 2D/3D tool cutting services on Laser Water Microjet System, it is Advnaced LCS-Series 5-Axis laser water-jet cutting system from SYNOVA S.A. Saiimpex is a business partner with SYNOVA since long for LMJ LCS-series laser cutting machine in India for industrial application.